Spare Parts

MORRIS is well known for the quick turnaround time of manufactured spare parts which include but are not limited to rope drums, wheels, shafts, variable speed drives, pinions, gears and even gearboxes. Having direct access to the well-equipped MORRIS STORES inventory, the spares division is able supply MORRIS / ABUS OEM Stock.

Levels are continuously monitored and maintained by means of weekly deliveries via airfreight/sea freight from suppliers both in Europe and China. These products are ready to be dispatched across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Alternatively, we can assist in sourcing replacement parts for other brands of overhead cranes.

The MORRIS Spares division is capable of manufacturing crane spare parts through Reverse Engineering. With a fully equipped machine shop and a dedicated team of skilled staff, this is a method of industrial engineering where by products can be manufactured to the exact/similar design from the information that is supplied to us. This process determines how a part was designed so that it can recreated according to specifications. MORRIS can assist to reproduce a discontinued spare part or improve on a design and functionality of a currently developed part. Safety is key and regardless of the age of the crane, having the correct available spare parts can help minimise downtime in conjunction with preventive maintenance which can assist you in optimising production in your business.

The MORRIS spares department offers a variety of specialised spare parts according to your crane specifications for the highest reliability, durability and low wear of your crane system.

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