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Crane Aid Minor Service

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Scope of Service


  • The inspection of all mechanical electrical components.
  • The greasing and oiling of all lubricating points.
  • Implementing whatever running adjustments can be made on the spot.
  • Stamping of every hook with the respective measurements for opening.
  • Measuring and recording of brake lining, crane wheel and sheave wheel wear.
  • Checking for wear and measuring according to standard of steel wire rope.
  • If necessary, preventative maintenance recommendations will be made.

Our Service Department operates on a 24 Hour basis 7 days a week.


Structure and Condition of Crane

  • Check for loose connections, bolts, nuts etc.
  • Visual check of gantry.
  • Visual check of crane girders.
  • Visual check of end carriages.
  • Visual check of safety rail.
  • Visual check of cabin and mounting.
  • Visual check of crab frame.
  • Check for cracked, worn, de-formed or corroded members, including rail and beam on which the crane operates.

Wheels and Shafts

  • Check wheels and diameters of driving and trailing wheels.
  • Check flanges for wear.
  • Check ring gear and pinion condition.


  • Check all gearboxes for abnormal noise and excessive backlash.


  • Inspect motor couplings and bolts as well as studs.


  • Check for excessive wear on brake parts.
  • Check pins, lever, bushes, linings etc.

Rope Drums / Chain / Sheaves

  • Check rope drums and sheaves for wear.
  • Check chain and sprockets for excessive wear or stretch.
  • Inspection of all steel wire ropes for corrosion, wear, kinks, broken wires etc.
  • Ensure that at least three full turns of rope remain on drum when the hook block is on bottom limit.
  • Check rope reeving.
  • Check function of limit switch.
  • Check rope diameter is correct size when considering the crane duty specification for the sheave diameter.


  • Check limiting and other safety devices.


  • Measure and record the distances between the three centre punched marks on the hook and compare with last recorded dimensions to check that the hook is not opening out.
  • Check excessive hook wear.
  • Check hook attachment and nut.
  • Check safety catch for proper operation.

Guards and Safety Devices

  • Check crane buffer, end stops for proper placement.

Access and Notices

  • Check access to crane and footwalk.
  • Check name plates, danger signs and safety working load plates.

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Crane Aid Contact Details

H/O: +27 (0)11 748 1000
Tel: +27 (0)11 748 1150
Fax: +27 (0)11 748 1159
 Cnr Dusseldorf & Ruhr Rd
      Apex Ext. 3

Uplifting Events

Crane Maintenance Training 14th - 18th August
Crane Maintenance Training 9th - 13th October 2017
Crane Maintenance Training 4th - 8th December 2017

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