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Crane Aid Major Service

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Scope of Service


  • The inspection of all mechanical electrical components.
  • Implementing whatever running adjustments can be made on the spot.
  • Opening of all gearboxes inspection covers for inspection, where available.
  • Opening of all electrical motors inspection covers for inspection and cleaning, where available.
  • Stripping of all wheels on crane, for inspection.


Structure and Condition of Crane

  • Crane welds to be NDT inspected. *
  • Cabin and mounting to be NDT inspected. *
  • Crab welds to be NDT inspected. *
  • * – Optional as agreed by Customer

Wheels and Shafts

  • Crane and crab to be jacked up and wheels to be removed for inspection of wheels, shafts and bearings.


  • All gearbox inspection covers to be opened to inspect all bearings and internal gears, where available.

Electric Motors and Control Panels

  • All motor inspection covers to be opened for inspection, cleaning and Insulation Testing.
  • All Electric control panels to be opened, all control equipment to be thoroughly inspected and the panels and equipment cleaned.
  • All Electrical junction boxes to be opened, all connections checked and all equipment cleaned.


  • All Brakes to be stripped for inspection of wear of all brake linings, pins and moving parts.

Rope Drums / Chain / Sheaves

  • Load Ropes to be wound from the drums.
  • Rope drums to be cleaned and inspected for wear on rope grooves.
  • Load ropes to be inspected.

Limits and Safety Devices

  • Inspection of all limit switches on the hoist and travel motions for wear or damaged parts.
  • Load limiting device to be inspected and tested.
  • Emergency stop to be tested.


  • Bottom blocks sheaves to be inspected.
  • Bottom hooks pop marks to be inspected.
  • Bottom hooks thrust bearings to be inspected.
  • Bottom block hook / hooks to be inspected.

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Fax: +27 (0)11 748 1159
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Uplifting Events

Crane Maintenance Training 12th - 16th February 2018
Crane Maintenance Training 9th - 13th April 2018
Crane Maintenance Training 11th - 15th June 2018

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